The school is hosted by the Faculty of Interpreting, Translation, Linguistic and Cultural Studies of the International University of Languages and Media (IULM).

We are grateful to the Dean of Faculty, Professor Paolo Proietti, for making this possible.

  • Friday 14 September: Room 133 (Third Floor)
  • Saturday 15 September: Rooms n. 141 and 142 (Fourth Floor)

Facoltà di interpretariato, Traduzione e Studi Linguistici e Culturali

Thirty course topics in different scientific settings in order to meet one demand: provide fundamental linguistic culture and strong linguistic training – the foundation for any work in interpreting and translation.

The Faculty of Interpreting, Translation, Linguistic and Cultural Studies is for students with a strong interest in the study of foreign languages and who intend to build a career in this field. A road which passes through the understanding and checking of specific methodologies in the fields of linguistic mediation both orally (conference interpreting) and written (specialist translation). But the linguistic training must in any case be completed with a cultural preparation connected to the foreign languages studied as well as to the profession’s ethical aspects, economics, law, history and the dynamics of the communication process in the field of international relations.